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Golf Equipment

Whether it's clubs, bags, balls, or carts, you can find it at Dave's! We carry the latest line of high quality, technically advanced golf clubs from over 15 top manufacturers. Not only do we carry the best golf clubs, we also carry a wide assortment of balls, stand/cart bags, and push carts to enhance your playability and comfort on the golf course.

Every golfer has a unique swing - as unique as their fingerprint. If you let us match your club specifications to your swing variables, we can help reduce undesirable shots, hooks, and slices.  At Dave's Golf Shop, our custom fittings all start with our advanced swing analyzer. This technology has a total of 86 sensors to measure your swing! We also use ProGrafix Software which gathers swing data to help us match you to the perfect club!

Driving Range

Add some power to your game! At our Clarkston location, we have a driving range that gives our customers the opportunity to get the feel of a real course. Plus, we allow you test merchandise on site to assure you're making the best purchase possible. And while you're here, enjoy the scenic banks of the Snake River and fuel up with some food and beer! The driving range is open during daylight hours and operated with the use of an automatic golf ball dispenser.

Bring your clubs back to life! Whether your clubs need to be re-gripped or re-shafted, we can get the job done in-house.  We can adjust existing clubs, lie, loft, and swing weight to get custom fitted clubs, just for you!


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