Golf Club Repair


Loft and Lie Adjustment

We have the specialized equipment and skills to change the loft and lie of your irons and putters to make sure they fit your individual specifications.


Shaft Lengthening & Shortening

Our technicians have the ability to lengthen and shorten both graphite and steel shaft golf clubs to suit your individual needs. Adding an extension or cutting down the shaft of your club is a simple process that can enhance the playability of your clubs on the golf course.


Grip Installation & Removal

We know how important touch and feel are to the success of your golf game and score. We carry an array of golf grips from Callaway, Lamkin, Golf Pride, Odyssey, Ping, Taylormade and Winn in standard, mid sized, over sized, women's, and putters to make sure your hands feel their best. We can also save your old grips without causing any damage to the original structure.


Shaft Removal

If your shaft is broken or you want to change the shaft flex, we can remove your current shaft without damaging the other components of your golf club.


Graphite & Steel Shaft Installation

We have the necessary tools and expertise to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft with brands like Aldila, Callaway, Fujikura, Grafalloy, True Temper, UST, and many more!

Repair and Adjustment Prices

Shaft Installation $19.99
Remove Shaft $9.99
Shorten Shaft $3.99
Save Grip $5.99
Loft & Lie Adjustment $9.99
Lengthen Shaft $5.99
Grip Installation $3.50
Replace Ferrule $7.99
Putter Lie Adjustment $9.99
Save Shaft $9.99