The Valley's Premier Driving Range

Our outdoor, full-featured driving range is equipped with 20 bays complete with rubber tees and yardage signs. With a total length of 250 yards, there's plenty of room to pull out your driver and work on your distance.

  • $5

    Small Bucket

    About 30 golf balls.

  • $8

    Medium Bucket

    About 60 golf balls.

  • $10

    Large Bucket

    About 90 golf balls.


Self Serve Range Balls

Our state-of-the-art self serve ball dispenser streamlines the process. It even takes credit and debit cards!

  • golf-ball-icon

    Step 1

    Place your basket under the ball dispenser.

  • golf-ball-icon

    Step 2

    Select which basket size you'd like to purchase by pressing the corresponding button. Available sizes are small, medium and large.

  • golf-ball-icon

    Step 3

    Swipe your card or insert cash. Balls should begin dispensing momentarily. 

  • golf-ball-icon

    Step 4 (Optional)

    Tokens can be purchased inside the golf shop to be used in the ball dispenser.

Driving Range Rules:

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    Do Not walk past the hitting mats

    Stay behind the rubber mulch. Anyone caught crossing
    and retrieving balls will be charged with theft and trespassing. 

  • golf-ball-icon

    Please use Dave's range golf balls

    Do not hit regular golf balls. 

  • golf-ball-icon

    Be aware of your distance & Surroundings

  • golf-ball-icon

    All swings must be made on the mat

  • golf-ball-icon

    No outside beverages

  • golf-ball-icon

    Please do not use the tee when hitting your irons

  • golf-ball-icon

    Best to hit off the darker part of the mat

  • golf-ball-icon

    Show respect for other guests especially children

  • golf-ball-icon

    Children must be supervised

  • golf-ball-icon

    During high winds please use
    irons only, no woods

  • golf-ball-icon

    Please do not hit balls at employees
    or equipment

    Anyone who is caught doing so will be banned
    and held responsible for injuries and damages

  • golf-ball-icon

    Vandalism will not be tolerated

    You are responsible for any damages that you may have caused. 

  • golf-ball-icon

    If caught hitting balls over the net you will not
    be allowed to return to the driving range.

    You will be held responsible for all damaes

  • golf-ball-icon

    Clean up after yourself

    What you bring in...please take out.

  • golf-ball-icon

    No Horseplay

  • golf-ball-icon

    Please report disorderly conduct

    Call: (208) 310-1369 or call police. 

  • golf-ball-icon

    We reserve the right to remove anyone
    from the premises.

    Follow the rules or you will be removed from the premises
    that violate any of the rules or policies of this facility. 

Drinks and Snacks Available

Snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non) are available for purchase inside the golf shop.