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Swing Analyzer

It all starts with our advanced swing analyzer. Using a total of 86 sensors, we measure 7 ball flight parameters and 7 golf swing characteristics, including launch angle and ball direction. This gives us an unprecedented capability to measure your swing.

ProGrafix Software

Our software gathers swing data and animates the actual swing path, impact point, and clubface angle using computer graphics. It tabulates data on club head speed, ball carry, tempo, ball spin, club head rotation through impact, and Solid Hit Factor. It gives us the data to match you with a club that maximizes your individual swing.


With over 15 club manufacturers and our years of experience, we can start with the right products and build each club specifically for you. At Dave's Golf Shop our mission is to deliver this customized fitting service and still offer you online prices. This is what sets Dave's
Golf Shop apart from the rest!

Customer Service

At Dave's Golf Shop we're known for our customer service because we understand what's important to you and how to give you the professional experience you would expect when purchasing a set of custom clubs. After your fitting, we can usually have your clubs completed and ready for pick up within a few days and sometimes, the same day! We guarantee our craftsmanship and your satisfaction.